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Illumina 测序组合试剂盒 特级经销商

简要描述:Illumina 测序组合试剂盒 特级经销商
Illumina/TruSight Tumor 170 Kit (24 Samples)/OP-101-1004/1 Ea

  • 产品型号:Illumina Kits OP-101-100
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规格1 kit供货周期两周
主要用途小型全基因组测序 组合试剂 试剂盒应用领域医疗卫生,化工,生物产业,制药

Illumina 测序组合试剂盒 特级经销商

"Illumina/TruSight Tumor 170 Kit (24 Samples)/OP-101-1004/1 Ea

" OP-101-100 Illumina 产品编号: OP-101-1004美  元  价: $0.00会  员  价: 待定品       牌: Illumina产       地: 美国公       司: Illumina, Inc.产品分类: 其它>其它试剂>芯片公司分类: Clinical Research Products "Product Highlights:

TruSight Tumor 170, a next-generation sequencing assay designed to cover 170 genes associated with common solid tumors, is an enrichment-based targeted panel that simultaneously analyzes DNA and RNA, covering a wide range of genes and variant types. The comprehensive nature provides laboratories with a deep view into the genetics of cancer.


Comprehensive Coverage of Cancer-Related Variants

Assessment of fusions, splice variants, insertions/deletions and single-nucleotide variants (SNVs), and amplifications in one assay using DNA and RNA creates efficiencies in sample usage, time, and cost.

Accurate Results from Low-Quality Samples1

Variant detection with as little as 40 ng DNA and RNA input, and as low as 5% mutant allele frequency, maximizes the results from precious formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples.

Integrated, Streamlined Workflow

DNA and RNA are prepared in parallel with an integrated workflow following DNA shearing/CDNA synthesis.


Assay Time ~2 days (Library Prep)

Hands-On Time ~10.5 hours

Input Quantity 40 ng DNA and/or RNA

Method Targeted RNA Sequencing,Targeted DNA Sequencing

Variant Class Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs),Gene Fusions,Somatic Variants,Structural Variants,Insertions-Deletions (indels),Copy Number Variants (CNVs)

Specialized Sample Types FFPE,Low Input

System Compatibility NextSeq 550,NextSeq 500,HiSeq 2500

Technology Sequencing

Species Category Human

Cancer Type Solid Tumor

Scientific Posters:

AACR 2017: TruSight Tumor 170 and Tumor Mutational Burden

Results of analysis indicate that TruSight Tumor 170, with comprehensive coverage of cancer-related genes, shows high concordance with whole exome sequencing for accurate assessment of tumor mutational burden.


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AACR 2017: TruSight Tumor 170 and Solid Tumor Profiling Analytical Performance with FFPE Samples

Standard extractions from FFPE embedded samples provide sufficient material (40ng) in >95% of samples that were extracted by Illumina. This data shows that the TruSight Tumor 170 panel is a robust assay that generates passing sample QC data in >85% of samples with varying quality, and in >95% of samples that have quality metrics that fall within the recommendations for the kit.


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AACR 2017: TruSight Tumor 170 for Small Nucleotide Variations and Gene Amplifications in FFPE DNA Samples

TruSight Tumor 170 can achieve high sensitivity and specificity for the detection of somatic variants (small variants and CNVs) from DNA extracted from FFPE tissues.


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AACR 2017: TruSight Tumor 170 for Fusions and Splice Variants in FFPE RNA Tumor Samples

Through examining limit of detection in the context of RNA expression, this study shows that TruSight Tumor 170 provides high sensitivity and specificity in RNA variant calling down to 5 copies of transcript per ng of input.


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Illumina 测序组合试剂盒 特级经销商



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